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Sandeman Fine Tawny Port
13 ratings
Selected from the lighter wines of each year, these Ports are chosen for ageing in small oak casks to develop their style. Sandeman Port Fine Tawny has aromas of vanilla and dried fruit with an added smoothness. Clear amber in color and light in body, this Port is superb as a chilled aperitif, or accompanying an appetizer, yet satisfying when served at the end of a meal.
Osborne Tawny Port
1 ratings
Aged in oak barrels for several years, this port is a tawny red color. This well-rounded wine is smooth, sweet and fruity, and makes a perfect accompaniment to desserts.
Dow’s Late Bottled Porto 2009
1 ratings
Over the last twenty five years the work done in the Dow’s vineyards and in the Dow’s wineries has resulted in constant improvement to the quality of all the house's premium Ports. Nowhere has this investment been more in evidence than in the quality of Dow’s Late Bottled Vintage Ports (LBV). Dow’s LBV is full-bodied, rich but perfectly balanced with soft peppery tannins and with a fine acidity that ensure perfect balance on the palate. The classic Dow’s dry finish is always present in the house’s LBV; it is one of the finest LBV Ports available. Dow’s LBV has consistently won more awards that most other LBV Ports on the market and this wine has become recognized around the world as an industry standard for excellence, it is served in countless fine restaurants, on several major international airlines and most importantly it is widely appreciated by consumers in many countries around the world.