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#1. Smirnoff No. 57 100 Proof Vodka

47 ratings
Whether you sip it on the rocks or with soda and a twist, Smirnoff No. 57 is the perfect addition to a cocktail party. Our award-winning, 100 proof vodka has robust flavor with a dry finish for ultimate smoothness and clarity. Triple distilled and 10 times filtered, our vodka traditionally can be taken alone or added to your favorite mixed drink. Simply mix with ginger beer and lime juice for a classic Moscow Mule. Founded in 1864, the Smirnoff brand traveled from Russia to the rest of the world due to our award-winning quality and smooth liquid. We pride ourselves on bringing our famous beverage to connoisseurs and newcomers alike, assuring the consistently great taste and quality expected from our traditionally distilled vodka. Please drink responsibly.

#2. New Amsterdam 100 Proof Vodka

15 ratings
New Amsterdam Vodka was born from an uncompromising passion for great vodka. From the water we use, to the grains we select, to our unique distillation process, a determined spirit flows through everything we do. This commitment to excellence delivers a great-tasting vodka with a crisp, clean taste and unparalleled smoothness. • Introduced in 2011, New Amsterdam Vodka was the fastest spirits brand in history to sell one million cases. • 5 times distilled and 3 times filtered to deliver a clean crisp tasted that is smooth enough to drink straight and distinctive enough to enhance any cocktail. • Five times distilled for unparalleled smoothness, filtered three times to create a soft mouthfeel. Has aromas of sweet frosting and light citrus with an impressively smooth, clean finish. • Double Gold Medal, 2017 SF San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC)

#3. Devil Springs Vodka

11 ratings
Discover Devil Springs Vodka

#4. ABC Alcohol 153 Proof

8 ratings
Discover ABC Alcohol 153 Proof

#5. Stoli® Crushed Grapefruit Vodka

5 ratings
Premium mix of imported Stoli® Gluten Free Vodka crushed together with real fruit juice. Vodka-forward, this fun and fresh vodka is the only import in the real fruit vodka category. Perfect for summer cocktails!

#6. SVEDKA Vodka 100 Proof

4 ratings
SVEDKA Vodka is smooth and easy-drinking with a subtle, rounded sweetness. Crafted using the finest spring water and winter wheat, this unflavored vodka is distilled five times to remove impurities. Continuous distillation ensures that ingredients are constantly moving so the winter wheat, yeast, and water never stall or pool. The result is a pure, clear taste and a crisp finish, making this 100 proof vodka a bold, crowd-pleasing choice. This bottle of vodka has a balanced body that makes it an ideal addition to vodka cocktails like a cosmopolitan or vodka martini. Tap into your creative side and craft your own signature cocktail with this unflavored vodka, or keep it simple with a classic vodka on the rocks. BRING YOUR OWN SPIRIT.® ENJOY RESPONSIBLY. © 2020 Spirits Marque One, San Francisco, CA. 50% alc. by vol. (100 proof)

#7. Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka 151 Professional Proof

6 ratings
The Boyd & Blair is a classic, small batch potato vodka that uses only the heart of the distilled spirit flow, discarding the heads and the tails for supremely elegant, sweet, unparalleled vodka. Named "Best Stuff 2011" by GQ Magazine and awarded five stars in F. Paul Pacult's Spirits Journal: "Clear as rainwater. Smells remarkably fresh and potato skin-like and the off-the-charts ABV doesn't, to my surprise, set the fire alarm off--in reality, I respond favorably to the biscuity, gently sweet opening aroma; six minutes of further air contact serve to heighten the sweetness more than the ABV; I like the soy elements as well. Entry is hot, to be sure, I mean how could it not be, but there's a core substance of sweet grain/sweet potato that's pleasing and firmly structured; mid-palate is tight as a drum, sweet, nicely oily/viscous, creamy and deep. A new direction for supersized vodka from distillers who know what they are doing."

#8. Bluewater Organic 100-Proof Vodka

3 ratings
  • Category:
  • Country:
  • Tasting Notes:
    Creamy, Crisp, Dry, Neutral, Pepper, Smooth, Vanilla
  • Food Pairing:
    Beef, Cheese - Blue, Cheese - Creamy & Bloomy, Cheese - Fresh & Soft, Cheese - Hard Aged, Cheese - Nutty & Semi-Firm, Cheese - Stinky, Chicken, Cured Meats, Dessert - Chocolate & Coffee, Dessert - Fruit, Dessert - Vanilla & Caramel, Duck & Game Bird, Fish - Meaty & Oily, Fish - White, Fruit - Citrus, Fruit - Dried, Fruit - Sweet, Lamb, Mushrooms, Nuts, Pasta, Pork, Root Vegetables, Salads & Greens, Shellfish, Tomatoes, Turkey
  • ABV:
Everett, WA. Certified Organic. This high-proof vodka is forged by fire in hand-hammered copper kettles from certified organic ingredients for incredible taste and natural smoothness. A bartender’s best friend - perfect for crisp martinis and handmade infusions. The only high proof organic spirit in the market. Great for vodka infusions, liqueurs, bitters + tinctures

#9. Upstate Vodka (Kosher for Passover)

3 ratings
One of the very few handcrafted vodka’s made for Passover, this vodka is produced from locally sourced ingridients. This special batch provides exceptionally smooth vodka, which retains apple essence. This batch is available in limited quantities. No flavors added. Upstate Vodka is made from all-natural ingredients; is 40% Alc/Vol (80 Proof). Available in 750ml and 375ml bottles. Supervised by OK Kosher Certification. Platinum Medal award winner at SIP Awards 2020 Distilled and Bottled by Sauvage

#10. Skol Vodka 100 Proof

3 ratings
Skol Vodka is known for versatility with mixed drinks, and is a party necessity. A great value made in the USA from the finest grains. The flavor is mostly neutral with just a hint of pepper.