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Johan Vineyards Blaufränkisch

United States
1 ratings
Blaufränkisch grape has a wonderful transparency and is highly sensitive to its environment. Our overall objective is to find consistencies in expression of terroir through the study of multiple grape varieties from our site. On our site, Blaufränkisch emphasizes the sanguine and iron minerality that defines our Pinot Noir, with more nervy acidity and a darker, deeper fruit profile. The fermentations included a mixed of destemmed berries and whole clusters fermented in small open-top macro bins, yielding a total of 32% whole cluster in the final blend. The cap was gently punched down twice each day by foot during primary fermentation. After fermentation wine aged for a total of 19 months in neutral, french oak barrels. Alcohol 13.50% Located in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, within the Van Duzer Corridor AVA, Johan Vineyards is an 85-acre certified-Biodynamic Estate winery. Our goal is to create a self-sustained holistic farm system with the energy to produce an honest expression of itself, to share with others. The team consists of an eclectic group of winegrowers, led by head winemaker Morgan Beck. Each individual brings equal passion from distinctly different contexts; through constant collaboration and conversation we find synergy, resonance, and a greater truth. Since establishment of Johan Vineyards in 2005, we have expanded our acreage to include a wide array of varieties, while striving to maximize clonal diversity among more established varieties such as Pinot Noir. We are equally excited about the potential of the more esoteric plantings on our site as we are about making more forward-thinking, age-worthy expressions of Chardonnay. We maintain a long-term view both in the vineyard and the cellar, nurturing a healthy, diverse microbiological system in our soil and producing wines that are alive and capable of evolving over many years. One aspect of this future-oriented approach is our openness to experimentation. While many New World winemakers take inspiration from their Old World counterparts, we cherish the ability to continually discover our unique place in the context of world wine. As we grow and mature with our farm, we are constantly reevaluating our process in order to best shepherd and represent our farm individuality.
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