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US Wine Exports Total 2020
International Markets
U.S. wine exports in 2021
Wine Institute Export Program

“We are very pleased to see our exports return to growth after several challenging years and we are grateful for the Biden administration’s diligent work to address a number of trade irritants,” said Bobby Koch, Wine Institute President, and CEO. “We urge the administration to continue working to expand market access for our wines through free trade agreements in key markets such as the United Kingdom.”

US Wine Exports Total $1.29 Billion in 2020

Partner Country2019 Value
Revenues to Wineries
2020 Value
Revenues to Wineries
Variance 2019/20
2019 Volume (Liters)2020 Volume (Liters)Variance 2019/20
United Kingdom$242,690,827$235,946,133-2.7812907382814283125410.66
European Union Total**$202,168,908$190,940,094-5.558028417679457294-1.03
Hong Kong$112,759,898$63,676,276-43.5393417976007750-35.6
South Korea$27,140,153$50,262,23085.25,97,870691835716.32
OTHER COUNTRIES$182,572,985$130,442,471-28.5526.026,80419906607-23.51
WORLD TOTAL$1,380,626,884$1,292,245,428-6.4373358885377285712-1.05

International Markets

Canada, the largest export market for U.S. wines with a 35.6% market share, was a significant driver of export growth, gaining 11.5% in value over the prior year. Eight of the 10 largest markets for U.S. wine exports saw value gains in 2021. While there were volume declines in various markets that drove an overall 9% drop, the value data is the key indicator of growth, given the wide price ranges of a bottle of wine. Declines in markets such as the United Kingdom and European Union were driven by shipping challenges sparked by global supply chain issues.

U.S. wine exports in 2021

MarketYear-Over-Year Growth of WineMarket Share Size
United Kingdom-0.2010.136
European Union (27 member countries)-0.0040.132
Hong Kong0.2370.055
South Korea0.5160.053
Dominican Republic0.5990.014

Wine Institute Export Program

For more than 35 years Wine Institute’s California Wine Export Program has served as the key administrator of a market access program designed to open key and cost-competitive markets for California wines. The program includes more than 185 wineries that export to 142 countries, and 13 global representative offices and trade directors conducting marketing and promotional programs in 25 countries across the globe.

Wine Institute