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#1. Stoli® Vodka

203 ratings
One of the worlds true Vodka icons, Stoli® Vodka is pure spirit distilled from selected grain is filtered through birch charcoal and quartz sands and blended with pure water.

#2. Russian Standard Original Vodka

83 ratings
  • Category:
  • Country:
  • Tasting Notes:
    Balanced, Bready, Pepper, Round, Smooth
  • Food Pairing:
    Beef, Chicken, Duck & Game Bird, Fish - Meaty & Oily, Fish - White, Lamb, Pasta, Pork, Tomatoes, Turkey
  • ABV:
Recognized in its homeland and around the world as a benchmark for excellence, Russian Standard Original Vodka is unique among vodkas in that it offers both purity AND taste. Made with hardy winter wheat grown on the Black Steppes of Russia and soft glacial waters of Lake Ladoga in Russia's frozen north, the spirit is distilled multiple times, then quadruple filtered through charcoal, and relaxed for 48 hours before bottling. The result is an exceptionally pure, smooth, and delicious vodka. It is a perfect vodka to sip neat or mixed in a cocktail. Russian Standard is Vodka as It Should Be. Winner of multiple Gold medals: San Francisco World Spirits, International Spirits Challenge, Beverage Testing Institute, The Spirits Business. 94 Points and Great Value from Ultimate Spirits Challenge.

#3. Stoli® Elit

45 ratings
With elit™ by Stolichnaya®, we set out to pursue perfection in vodka and in everything we do. A product of tireless precision from grain to bottle, elit™ elevates centuries of vodka tradition to the fine art of ultra-luxury vodka.

#4. Beluga Noble Russian Vodka

35 ratings
#1 Luxury Vodka in Russia. Beluga is a world famous premium Russian Vodka with idyllic qualities crafted in an environmentally pure area in the heart of Siberia, the Mariinsk Distillery was first established in 1900. The production process of Beluga Noble Russian Vodka is unique; it combines delicately age-old traditions and innovations. All the ingredients used to make Beluga undergo a thorough purification and filtration process. The so called period of ‘rest’ that lasts for 30 days is the final stage of Beluga Noble Russian Vodka production. This is an exclusive stage not applied to the production of ordinary vodkas. During the time of ‘rest’ the vodka matures and acquires its immaculate and noble taste thanks to which Beluga Noble Russian Vodka has become world famous.*IWSR 2018, Superpremium/Ultrapremium segment • Appearance: Crystal clear, with a shine • Flavor: Fresh, elegant notes complemented by distinct scents of flowers and wheat • Taste: Intense, rich palette, well balanced yet complex and deep • Aftertaste: Lasting and pleasant

#5. Beluga Gold Line Russian Vodka

44 ratings
#1 Luxury Vodka in Russia. Beluga is a world famous premium Russian Vodka with idyllic qualities crafted in an environmentally pure area in the heart of Siberia, the Mariinsk Distillery was first established in 1900. Its unique geographical position provides wonderful benefits to Beluga’s flavour profile , producing fresh, elegant notes, a distinct scent of flowers and wheat, with an intense, rich palette, it is complex with a profound noble taste. *IWSR 2018, Superpremium/Ultrapremium segment • Appearance: Cristal clear • Flavor: Fresh, pure aroma with delicate notes of grains, wheat and alpine herbs • Taste: Soft, creamy, with a balanced structure and exquisite sweetness • Aftertaste: Lasting and noble

#6. Stoli® Vanilla Vodka

19 ratings
Elegant aromas of vanilla pod, creme anglaise, and chocolate with undertones of toasted buttery grain, but without the heavy cloying sweetness of some vanilla vodkas. Palate brings a creamy sweetness to the fore, but it is light and balanced, with cocoa powder, white pepper and sweet spicy notes.

#7. Hammer + Sickle Vodka

20 ratings
Taste is fresh, pure and crisp. Sweet and almost vanilla up front, with a dry, warm finish.

#8. Jewel Of Russia Ultra Vodka

19 ratings
"Here is a ranking of the vodkas reviewed so far by our National Vodka Review panel." Kate Cohen "...We asked for a recommendation for their best vodka(Firebird Restuarant, NYC), which was empatically announced as Jewel of Russia." Spirits of the Year Awards "Food & Wine December 2001" Smart Money Magazine "For a more classic style of vodka, (Jonathan Goldstein)...likes... Jewel of Russia Ultra" Market Watch Magazine ""...the drink of the czars with its two new vodka releases." " Maxim "Liquor in the Rear" Beverage Retailer Magazine "...preserves the authentic character of traditional Russian vodka."

#9. Jewel Of Russia Ultra Black Vodka

13 ratings
The delicate perfume is softly grainy, with nuances of white pepper, wheat crackers and cigarette tobacco. The palate entry is elegant yet a touch hot; at midpalate the dry flavor turns silky in texture and minerally and stone-like in taste. Concludes bean- and kernel-like, bittersweet and a touch soy curd-like. A subtle, understated vodka with lots of layers and grip.

#10. Stoli® Razberi

14 ratings
The jazziest raspberry in town. This is the only authentic natural raspberry flavored Russian vodka. Like all Stoli® flavors, Stoli® “Raz” is made using an infusion process in which all-natural flavors are infused into Stolichnaya vodka before filtration. 2004-Silver Medal Winner, Beverage Institute