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Old Elk Blended Straight Bourbon Whiskey

United States
3 ratings
  • Brand: Old Elk Distillery
  • Categories: Bourbon, Whiskey
  • Tasting Notes: Caramel, Chocolate, Malty, Nutty, Oak, Rich, Toasty, Tobacco, Vanilla, Velvety, Woody
  • ABV:44%
  • Years Aged: 4
  • Base Ingredient: Barley, Corn, Rye
Master Distiller- Greg Metze with 14 years experience at MGP (40+ total) Unique Ingredients- 4 times more Barley (barley gives our bourbon its unique toasty, chocolate, and cereal notes). Slow Proofed, no shortcuts- Cut over weeks not days WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT? MASTER DISTILLER Greg Metze has over 40 years of distilling experience, 14 of which were spent as the master distiller for MGP. - a total tenure of 28 years under one roof. He was the last Master Distiller to carry the torch of the acclaimed Seagram’s Distillery Apprentice Program. During that period the US went through a resurgence in the brown spirits category and his name is likely behind many of the whiskeys you see on your shelf today. INGREDIENTS Old Elk Bourbon is crafted using 4x more malted barley than conventional bourbon recipes. Why? Because of this higher proportion of malted barley in the mashbill, we are attracting people who are a-typical bourbon drinkers. The 4x more malted barley produces a product (bourbon) that’s smooth and easy to drink which attracts those new to the category, but also provides enough complexity and a sense of familiarity to whisk(e)y consumers who may enjoy scotch. As a result, our bourbon is appreciated by all connoisseurs of whiskey (expertly crafted spirits). SLOW CUT™ PROOFING All bourbon is taken out of the barrel at cask strength. It’s then proofed with water. Traditionally, this process takes 24-48 hours. However, we choose to do it for significantly longer at very small increments. Why? When you add water to alcohol, heat is generated. At a distillery scale, it’s hundreds of gallons at a time – which creates enough heat to literally boil off some of the lighter, finer flavors! Our choice is to extend the life of the proofing time by adding the same total amount of fresh Colorado mountain water over multiple weeks (instead of days) to keep the bourbon cool, allowing us to bottle every last drop of of flavor.
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