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Doc’s Absinthe Liqueur

United States
1 ratings
The first absinthe produced in Brooklyn (officially December 2013). After experimenting for a few years in the basement, Doc's moved to the old Brooklyn Pfizer Building. Everything starts from scratch. The process begins by fermenting Spelt and Malted Barley and then running the wart through a small column still. Everything (heads, hearts, and tails) is kept for the first maceration; using 10 botanicals for 1 week in the raw distillate. These include wormwood and grand wormwood along with lemon balm, fennel, anise, lemon peel, licorice root, hyssop, peppermint, and standard mint. Following the first maceration the raw distillate goes through a separate pot still and comes out around 97%abv. By using only the hearts from this run a much cleaner, richer spirit is achieved. This raw spirit then sees a second maceration (giving it not only flavor, but color as well), which includes 5 dry botanicals and one fresh (mint), for 2-5days, before being diluted to proof (66%abv) with New York City tap water. While many absinthes can be overpowered by anise, in Doc’s Absinthe you will find less anise notes, and therefore less of a louche (that milky cloudiness familiar to most absinthes with the addition of ice), but more herbal notes of wormwood. Absolutely incredible and a great addition to the New York distilling scene!
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