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Austin 101 Light Whiskey

United States
1 ratings
  • Brand: Austin 101
  • Categories: American Whiskey, Whiskey
  • Tasting Notes: Balanced, Caramel, Grainy, Light, Round, Silky, Smooth, Vanilla
  • ABV:55%
  • Base Ingredient: Corn, Wheat
Austin 101 is a whiskey like no other. It has a unique balance of smoothness and punch while delivering a very mellow and long finish. Made from 100% local grains (non-GMO Texas white corn, red winter wheat from the Texas panhandle, and Texas-grown barley malted in Fort Worth), and Hill Country water, its flavor profile offers hints of caramel, butterscotch and vanilla. Austin 101 is light in taste, lightly oaked, and is uniquely approachable and easily enjoyed by everyone. Austin 101 is steam distilled to a higher purity than bourbons or other whiskeys which allows the essence of the locally grown grains to be captured fully. Steam distillation produces a spirit that is a delicious representation of these flavorful local grains, right from the still. And then, unlike Bourbon, which by law must be aged in a new charred Oak barrel, Austin 101 Light Whiskey is finished in high-quality, once-used whiskey barrels, which imparts a golden blonde color and flavor notes of vanilla, butterscotch, and a hint of spice. Nothing else is added, and all the distillation and aging is done in Austin.
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