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The history of vodka is the stuff of legends, and some of the best and most time-honored distillation methods are still shrouded in secrecy. Competition is fierce among vodka makers, and the best brands do not give up their secrets easily.

Whether you prefer the simple perfection of a vodka and tonic, the classic taste of a shot straight from the bottle or the sweet taste of a vodka cocktail, your satisfaction depends on the quality of the product. The quality of the vodka can make or break any cocktail, shot or mixed drink, and that is why so many people prefer Khor Vodka.

The Khor Vodka brand has consistently been one of the top sellers in the industry, and for many vodka aficionados, there is simply no substitute. The Khortytsa brand is also the number one selling vodka in Eastern Europe, a region that includes Ukraine, Russia and other parts of the former Soviet Union. This is a region that knows its vodka, so Khortytsa’s top spot has been well earned. If you want to stock your home bar, club or pub with the best, Khor Vodka is always a great choice.

  • #1 Best-Selling Vodka In Eastern Europe
  • #3 Best-Selling Vodka In The World

De Luxe Vodka.
Platinum Vodka.
Ice Vodka.

Stock Your Bar with the Best: A Look at Khor Vodka

Innovative Technologies

  • 100% Gluten free
  • Unique cap
  • 7 levels of filtration
  • 7 times distilled



For vodka lovers throughout Eastern Europe and around the world, there is simply no substitute for the crisp clean taste of DE LUXE. Whether enjoyed on its own or in a cocktail, DE LUXE has a distinctive flavor all its own.

DE LUXE is 40% alcohol by volume, so it packs a real punch. But it is the natural cinnamon notes that truly set this variety apart. The combination of cherry flavored alcohol and fresh notes of cinnamon make the Khortytsa DE LUXE truly one of a kind.

DE LUXE is the perfect base for a refreshing Bloody Mary, the starting point for delicious pineapple bitters and its combination of delicious flavors and alcohol content makes for a one-of-a-kind Firevault cocktail. No matter how you enjoy it, you will see why the DE LUXE variety is a consistent top seller in the Khor Vodka line.

Khor Vodka Delux
Khor Vodka Platinum



Platinum is the top of the line for metals, so it is only fitting that one of the best entries in the Khortytsa stable shares that name. This entry is always a top seller, and always a favorite with vodka enthusiasts around the world.

Platinum Khor Vodka is 40% alcohol for volume, providing the perfect mix of warmth with a deep rich flavor. But it is the distinctive mix of fresh ingredients that really set Platinum apart. This is one of the smoothest vodkas on the market, perfect for cocktails but just as delicious when enjoyed on its own.

The Platinum variety is the natural choice for the real connoisseur, and it is served in the best bars, restaurants and private clubs throughout Eastern Europe and beyond. If you are looking for a smooth fresh taste that will not disappoint, treat yourself to a bottle of Khor Platinum.



The name is simplicity itself, and ICE is the perfect name for this crisp cool creation. The Khortytsa ICE variety deftly combines a deep coolness with a deep flavor, conjuring images of the Arctic wilderness in winter. If you are looking for a vodka variety that epitomizes the Russian spirit and the resilience of the Eastern European people, just reach for a bottle of ICE.

Khor ICE is the perfect starting point for a great cocktail, but many vodka lovers find themselves intrigued by the bottle itself. The unique bottle design changes colors when cooled, and why you see it you will know why so many vodka aficionados prefer the variety. But it is the flavor inside the bottle that really matters, and ICE delivers in that regard as well.

Once the bottle is open and the vodka is poured, you will first note the subtle herbal notes. This combination of mint, menthol, and linden is evocative of the region, but it is perfectly at home in your glass – no matter where you live.

So raise a glass to the delicious flavor of Khor Vodka, truly a standout in a highly competitive category. Whether you enjoy it on its own or in your favorite cocktail, you are sure to appreciate the artistry of its distillation and the rich history of its brand.

Khor Vodka Ice

You are welcome to taste a truly unique and exceptional vodka.

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