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#1. Little Book Bourbon Chapter 3 “The Road Home”

26 ratings
Freddie Noe named this limited edition series of bourbons after his childhood nickname, given to him by his grandfather and master distiller, Booker Noe. Chapter 3 edition blend comprises: nine-year-old Knob Creek and Basil Hayden’s Bourbons, an 11-year-old Booker’s Bourbon and a 12-year-old Baker’s Bourbon. “The Road Home” batch pays tribute to my grandfather as the name Little Book is actually the childhood nickname that he gave me. And so I thought after having a couple of chapters under my belt that it would be a great time to pay honor to him and blend some of the liquids that he gave the bourbon industry. The four liquids that I chose to go into this batch of Little Book® are from the original small batch collection that my grandfather, Booker, created. The Road Home is a blend of nine year old Basil Hayden®, nine year old Knob Creek®, 11 year old Booker’s® and 12 year old Baker’s®, and as always with Little Book®, these liquids are at barrel strength and will be bottled at barrel strength as well. The name “The Road Home” references the road that I travel to and from on a regular basis, the same road my grandfather, Booker, traveled back when he used to work here at the distillery. I tinkered with a lot of different recipes, 57 to be exact, before finding what I was looking for – layers of vanilla, char and dried apricots with lingering oak. The final recipe I selected was 51 of the 57 I tried – a lot more trial and error than the others, but I thought if someone is going to play with the liquids that my grandfather developed, they had better produce a damned good blend. - Freddie Noe, 8th Generation Beam Family Distiller

#2. Eagle Rare Buffalo Trace Antique Collection Bourbon 17 Year

27 ratings
Distilled in the spring of 2002, this bourbon matured on the first floor of warehouse P. Like last year, it’s bottled at 101 proof, where it will remain going forward.

#3. Booker’s 30th Anniversary Bourbon

22 ratings
30 years ago, my dad, Booker Noe, released the first batch of his namesake Booker’s® Bourbon as his vision of what the perfect whiskey should be. In honor of Dad’s legacy and in celebration of 30 years of the damn good whiskey he created, we’re celebrating in the best way we know how – by releasing a special extra-aged, limited edition Booker’s® Bourbon. -Fred Noe, Beam Family’s 7th Generation Master Distiller Over the last few years, the floors of some of our rackhouses in Clermont were in need of redoing, so we pulled up the floorboards. We thought it would be a shame to throw away so much history, so we stored them for something special. Each box of Booker’s® 30th Anniversary Bourbon is made from the reclaimed wood of those floors – the same floors walked by legends Booker and Fred Noe as they selected batches of Booker’s.

#4. BCS Line 15 Year Bourbon (1st bottling)

19 ratings
This complex 15-year-old bourbon was blended and bottled at peak maturity so you can experience its true flavor. It is a perfect union of grain and barrel, with an old, oaky nose and a deep, honey- maple palate that reveals the lushness of the grain. Appearance: Worn leather Nose: Incredibly fruity, the nose opens with strawberry salt-water taffy, Bing cherry, and raspberry but more exotic fruits lurk in the depths: prickly pear, lychee, blood orange, grapefruit marmalade, damson plum, even tomato. The fruits nearly overpower subtle herbaceous notes of pizzelle, Maraschino liqueur, Cynar, and pipe tobacco. Its sweetness is kept in check by a hint of paraffin and scorched earth. The palate is as fruity as the nose, exhibiting strawberry and rose jam, lychee, Maraschino liqueur, and calvados, balanced by très leches cake, hibiscus, and angelica. The finish slowly evolves into more fruit: guava, watermelon, Pink Lady apples; they’re joined by a touch of paraffin from the nose and a spicy signature of candied chili pepper.

#5. Weller 12yr Bourbon

16 ratings
William Larue Weller was one of the early whiskey pioneers in Kentucky. W.L. Weller was credited as the first to use a “wheated” bourbon recipe, a recipe that used wheat rather than rye in the mashbill and spent his lifetime educating consumers about the difference in his bourbon. The brand continues to deliver as a world-class wheated bourbon at an honest price to this day. As part of the wheated bourbon family, this twelve year old W.L. Weller is aged far longer than most wheated bourbons. This offering is a smooth, easy-going and balanced offering with a beautiful deep bronze color. Tasting Notes: Aromas of lanolin, almond, creamed corn and toasty vanilla. The mid-palate flavor is heavily wheated, layered and moderately sweet. Long, oaky, and intensely smooth finish. Awards: 2019 Silver Medal - New York World Spirits Competition 2019 Gold Medal - Whiskies of the World 2019 Double Gold Medal - North American Bourbon & Whiskey Competition 2019 Silver Medal - Los Angeles International Spirits Competition 2019 Silver Medal - American Whiskey Masters 2019 Double Gold Medal - San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2019 Bronze Medal - World Whiskies Awards 2019 Silver Medal - Denver International Spirits Competition 2018 Double Gold Medal, Best Straight Bourbon - New York International Spirits Competition 2018 BEST IN SHOW; Best of Division; Best of Category; Gold Medal - Los Angeles International Spirits Competition 2018 Double Gold Medal - San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2018 ""Great Value"" - 93 points - Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2018 Gold Medal - Denver International Spirits Competition 2015 Silver Outstanding Medal - International Wine & Spirits Competition 2015 Trophy Finalist; ""Great Value;"" ""Tried & True"" - 96 points - Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2015 Gold Medal - San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2015 BTI International Review of Spirits - ""Exceptional"" - 94 points 2015 Bronze Medal, Best Bourbon - Age Statement - World Whiskies Awards 2014 Silver Outstanding Medal - International Wine & Spirits Competition 2014 Double Gold Medal - San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2005 Silver Medal - San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2005 Silver Medal - International Spirits Challenge 2004 Silver Medal - International Spirits Challenge 2003 Gold Medal - San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2003 Gold Medal - International Wine & Spirits Competition 2003 Silver Medal - International Wine & Spirits Competition 2003 Bronze Medal - International Spirits Challenge 2002 Gold Medal - International Wine & Spirits Competition 2002 Gold Medal - International Spirits Challenge 2001 Silver Medal - San Francisco World Spirits Competition Ratings: 93.5 –Jim Murray's Whisky Bible Reviews: “The deep bronze color beautifully reflects the light…high-spirited, lusciously toasty, and animated bouquet that has top-notch Bourbon written all over it; dry, complex, and toasty palate.” -Paul Pacult's Spirit Journal

#6. Booker’s Little Book Bourbon

13 ratings
Discover Booker’s Little Book Bourbon

#7. Michter’s 10 Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon

7 ratings
Mature in age and truly exceptional in quality, Michter’s 10 Year Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon has earned its place as an enduring favorite of the most discerning whiskey connoisseurs. The “Best American Whiskey” according to Food & Wine magazine, our 10 Year Single Barrel Bourbon represents the culmination of over a decade of patient aging in our specially chosen, new charred American white oak barrels.

#8. E.H. Taylor, Jr. Barrel Proof Bourbon

8 ratings
The aroma of cooked berries meets the nose, followed by a rich caramel and slightly floral smell. The taste is bold and full of spice that fills the mouth with a distinct flavor of toasty vanilla, dried oak and pepper. The finish is long and satisfying with a powerful rye character and lingering hints of fruit.

#9. Kentucky Owl Confiscated Bourbon

4 ratings
Notes of gardenia, banana bread, toasty sourdough bread crust, and red apple on the nose. The taste is of graham crackers, citrus, toffee, and muted sweet cinnamon spice, balanced with white grape notes, and a hint of cayenne on the finish.

#10. Angel’s Envy Cask Strength Bourbon Whiskey

4 ratings
Ranked the “Best Spirit in the World” by Spirit Journal in 2013, Angel’s Envy® Cask Strength Bourbon Finished in Port Barrels is unlike any whiskey you’ve ever tried. Perfection is a patient man’s game. So we waited until Angel’s Envy reached the perfect level of maturity. We judge only a handful of barrels exceptional enough for our lengthy finishing process. The result? Even at 124 proof, every sip is worth savoring. A rich gold hue with an amber depth. Scents of banana and honey alongside lightly burnt wood. On the palate, you'll taste caramel, sweet raisins, cola, and herbal notes. The finish evokes dark chocolate, heavy toasted oak, and fresh figs.