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7 Ways in Which Vodka Can Be Good for You

Vodka is good for far more than just martinis. Years ago, it was created as a medicinal product for use by royalty. Even then, it was clear that vodka has health benefits. The next time you try to make up your mind about what kind of drink to order, you should probably consider how good vodka can be for you.

Vodka is a disinfectant

Vodka has disinfectant and antiseptic properties. It can be helpful when you have a toothache, and it can be used to clean cuts and scrapes. It can even be used to clean around the house. Vodka is effective in these areas simply because it contains alcohol, an important ingredient in many products found stocked in the medicine cabinet or the home cleaning cabinet.

It can be a great stress reliever

Everyone knows that alcohol relieves stress. Studies have shown, however, that vodka is better at the job than red wine. If you have a choice between a glass of wine and one of vodka, you should probably choose the latter to relieve stress.

Vodka is good for the heart

Vodka is healthier than other alcoholic drinks in a couple of important ways. To begin, vodka helps lower the body’s levels of cholesterol. It is also great for the waistline. Among all the different alcoholic drinks out there, vodka is one of the least calorie-intensive. Finally, vodka helps speed up blood circulation. It helps prevent clots and strokes.

Vodka can help improve how you look

Skincare routines are no laughing matter. It’s possible to invest hundreds a month in beauty products. Vodka has applications in beauty, however. It is a great astringent, and it can clean your pores. A little vodka is all it takes to tighten up and disinfect the skin.

It offers improved oral hygiene

Vodka can help with oral hygiene. All you need to do is to pour yourself a shot and swish it around. Not only does this help with toothaches, but it also helps get rid of breath issues.

It can help with arthritis

At least one study has shown that those who suffer from arthritis benefit from the effects of vodka. When consumed a couple of times a month, vodka can help ease the symptoms of arthritis.

Vodka helps lower blood sugar levels

Vodka helps you lower your blood sugar levels. While wine is well known for its benefits to the heart, vodka, through its effect upon the body’s blood sugar levels, is able to improve the health in multiple ways.

Vodka is a strong alcoholic beverage and does need to be consumed with caution. It’s important to remember, however, that it is a drink that has a good side, as well.